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Niles Advertising is celebrating 10 years of exceeding customer's expectations while establishing its brand as a trusted source for signage and display graphics.
Celebrating Success
Celebrating A Decade of Success: During the past 10 years, hundreds of clients, business partners and mentors have greatly contributed to the growth and success of Niles Advertising. As we celebrate this significant milestone, we also celebrate our accomplishment of completing more than 2,000 projects serving government agencies and authorities, corporations, universities, healthcare organizations, non-profit organizations and small businesses.

As we usher in the next decade with greater expectations, I would like to take this opportunity to express our heartfelt gratitude to all our new and long-term customers. I would like to thank the Mayor and Governor of New York, as well as the dedicated advocates that support and promote supplier diversity. Your continued patronage and suggestions are a vital part of our growth. And for that, we are most grateful.
Wendell Niles / President
Mayor's Excerpts
At 10th Annual Citywide Procurement Fair — May 24, 2016: Niles Advertising, a Bronx based firm, got certified as a Minority Business Enterprise. After just one year in operation, the company was doing a lot of good work and moved quickly to get that certification and got it. And then had an opportunity to work with the City of New York and work with agencies like the Department of Environmental Protection, Department of Health and Mental Hygiene that proved to be very successful. They did great work.  Everyone was very happy with it, and it provided them with a launching pad to secure other clients, including a little-known entity named the NFL. So, Niles Advertising took the great work they did with the City and leveraged it into opportunities with big private sector entities as well.  Looking at the numbers – doing business with the City increased Niles’ sales 55 percent over four years. Niles Advertising is now among the more than 4,400 certified M/WBE businesses in New York City – the most in the history of New York City. Let’s give a round of applause to Niles Advertising, please.  Wendell, take your bow.
Mayor de Blasio / New York City
Ad Campaign
Niles Advertising Featured in Citywide Ad Campaign: To ensure that minority and women-owned businesses have greater access to public contracting opportunities, the Department of Small Business Services rolled out its “Get Certified” ad campaign. The ad campaign features Wendell Niles and other business owners that are certified with the City of New York. Ad placements were located in subway cars, at train platforms, bus shelters and the Staten Island Ferry. In addition, the campaign utilized television, newspapers, radio, print collateral and its website to expand the reach of the campaign.
campaign photo
Sanitation Rebrand
Helping to Rebrand NYC Sanitation:  When the New York City Department of Sanitation embarked on rebranding its image, Niles Advertising was awarded the contract to provide custom decals to distinguish its thousands of fleet vehicles that include garbage trucks, street sweepers, salt and sand spreaders, front end loaders, and support vehicles. In terms of the rebranding effectiveness, each vehicle in the fleet will serve as a rolling billboard that millions of native New Yorkers and visitors alike, will experience.
sanitation logo
B2B Mentoring
When done correctly, mentoring can help startup entrepreneurs avoid costly missteps and advance their companies more rapidly than doing it on their own. To meet the growing demands for B2B Mentoring, Niles Advertising is silently helping Veterans and Minority-Owned Businesses by providing tips on marketing and other essential topics related to doing business with local government public colleges and schools. “The opportunity to share our knowledge and experiences is extremely gratifying. We look forward to expanding our role with the next generation of entrepreneurs,” states Wendell 2, Director of Business Development.