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At Niles Advertising, we excel in collaborating with clients to maximize the effectiveness of their wayfinding by encompassing all of the ways in which people orient themselves in physical spaces and navigate from place to place.

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One-Piece Thermoformed Signs

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One-Piece Thermoformed Signs:Vandal and Damage Resistant


Thermoformed signs are a durable, reliable, and vibrant way to display information, particularly when it comes to ADA signage.  Thermoformed one-piece signs give customers an economical alternative to one-piece photopolymer signs, often requested by architects, interior designers and contractors for hospitals, schools, medical facilities, hotels, museums, and public buildings.

Unlike photopolymer signs, which create raised braille copy by exposing photosensitive sheets of polymer to UV light, thermoformed signs are created by using a mold, then applying heat and pressure to achieve raised copy, symbols and braille. With all the color, design and fabrication options available with thermoformed signs, the possibilities are endless.

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Building Your Brand With Custom Signage

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Building Your Brand With Custom Signage


Visually speaking, your logo sign is the face of your business. Its primary function is to visually communicate the unique identity of your brand and what it represents. With so many ideas and materials available it can be challenging to figure out which logo style will best suit your business.

For starters, find out what regulations and restrictions your city and landlord enforce. For example, you might be prohibited from having a sign that lights up or exceeds a certain size. We recommend doing online research or creating a realistic budget that you can afford to hire a professional graphic designer or signage consultant. Remember, your logo sign needs to be persuasive and large enough to be observed by your customers or visitors.

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Expanding Services in Westchester

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Expanding Services in Westchester


Niles Advertising is excited to announce their expansion of its services in Westchester County, New York. The expansion has proven to be beneficial to contractors, schools, and residential properties that require signage for wayfinding, safety, health and wellness, traffic control, and parking, as well as window and wall graphics.

Despite the slowed economy, the demand for quality signage products is steadily growing, evidenced by the increase of construction projects in New York’s five boroughs and Westchester County. If you have needs for business, wayfinding, branding, or parking signs, we welcome new opportunities to assist you with planning, design, fabrication, and installation.

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