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Client Centered. MBE and SDVOB Certified. OSHA 30 Certified.

Niles Advertising is a supplier of premium interior signage, event signage and workplace signage. We employ years of experience, follow the most up to the minute safety regulations which ensures, your project is installed in a proper and timely manner. We supply signs and display products to government agencies, corporations, universities, hospitals, healthcare centers, property management companies, nonprofits and small businesses. We offer everything – from the very basics to multi-layered, upscale sign solutions and more.

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Frosted Window Graphics

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What’s TrendingFrosted Window Graphics


Looking for a cost-effective, decorative solution to transform your glass walls, doors and windows from the ordinary to the extraordinary? Available in an assortment of styles, colors, and levels of light transmission, vinyl film is a great way to add varying degrees of privacy to your windows. Whether you’re looking to add the alluring and classic element of etched glass or want to brand your walls with a unique design element, or just want to prevent by-passers from looking into a designated area with glass walls, vinyl film makes it easy. Not only does vinyl film provide elegance and style to any décor, it’s a great way to create a professional appearance. To transform your walls, doors and windows to the extraordinary, contact the experts at Niles Advertising.

Branding 101

Build Your Brand With Signage

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Branding 101Build Your Brand With Signage


Here are some tips for building your brand with signage. Know the rules. Consider functionality. Be consistent. Show some personality. Mix it up. Whether you are a government agency, university, healthcare organization or own a service-driven business, your identity logo is the face of your brand. Your logo signage is an extension of your business and plays an important part of building brand values, brand recognition and brand personality. To discover the many ways to express your brand's personality, including traditional, upscale, luxurious or ground-breaking, contact the experts at Niles Advertising.

Niles 411

Creative ADA Signs

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Niles 411Creative ADA Signs


When most people talk about ADA signs, they are most often referring to the use of braille, a writing system for the visually impaired. Today’s ADA signs offer unprecedented quality and design-rich capabilities. With the advent of new technologies and materials, sign fabricators can produce visually striking ADA signs that boast vibrant colors, unique shapes and decorative textures using materials such as melanin, laminates, lumicor, metals, acrylic and painted plastics. Factor in patterns like wood grains, metallics, vegetation, flowers and custom graphics, creativity has no boundary.

But, there are rules and rules must be followed. We are experts on ADA compliance laws and design guidelines and will gladly walk you through the process of making sure your signs are compliant, well-designed and installed properly.